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They're all around in your house and you use them in a hundred different ways!Some of them are next to your bedside so you could rest your phone's and books on them.

Some you use to serve snacks to your guests. Sometimes, when there are more people around, you even use them to sit on.

Other times you choose to accord the position of a footrest to your mighty stools. ☺️We provide you a product that not only does so much for you, but also looks aesthetic and cute while doing it!

The lightweight seater/foot-rest/ table-top can be taken around the house or even carried away to your favorite road trip destination.

Boho Handcrafted Cane Murah

SKU: canemurah
₹2,199.00 Regular Price
₹1,899.00Sale Price
  • Height - 13 inches

    Diameter - 14 inches