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Discover the Karighar Paalna Macrame Wooden Baby Cradle - a timeless blend of tradition and elegance. Handcrafted with natural wood and exquisite macrame detailing, this cradle offers a gentle, detachable rocking motion that soothes your baby, mimicking a mother's embrace.

Durable and stylish, it combines functionality with the beauty of age-old craftsmanship. Create a serene sleeping environment and cherish moments of bonding with your little one. Experience the perfect mix of heritage and comfort with the Karighar Paalna Cradle.

Handcrafted Wooden Baby Paalna Cradle

  • Total height - 34 inches

    Cradle height - 17.6 inches

    Cradle width - 22 inches

    Cradle length - 37. 1 inches