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Introducing the Foldable BlissCraft Stool from Karighar - House of Indian Craftsmanship, a sustainable and bohemian masterpiece handcrafted by local underprivileged artisans in India. This versatile stool seamlessly transitions from a charming footrest to a stylish side table or a comfortable seat, adding a touch of eco-friendly finesse to your space.


Crafted with natural materials, the Foldable BlissCraft Stool embodies the essence of sustainability, making it a conscious choice for your home. The intricate macrame design lends a boho-chic appeal, infusing whimsy and character into any corner.

Customize this stool to your preferences, combining your unique touch with our skilled craftsmanship. Lightweight and foldable, it effortlessly moves around your home, offering both functionality and aesthetic allure.


Elevate your living spaces with a piece that tells a story of beauty, purpose, and a commitment to sustainable living. The Foldable BlissCraft Stool - where craftsmanship meets conscious living. 🏡💖

Foldable BlissCraft Stool

SKU: foldablestool
  • Height - 17 inches

    Width - 15 inches

    Legth - 15 inches